So Kristy. What do you do in the world?

I’m a wellness coach and fitness trainer, passionate about educating women on all aspects of health but mainly supporting them, restoring body confidence and offering advice and accountability. I’ve created a safe space and an amazing community for women to share their journey and ask questions along the way. I am Co-director of Bene-fit Wellness Solutions and the creator and coach of ‘Ladies Who Lunge’.

Why did you need new pics? Where will your pics end up?

I hadn’t upgraded my professional pictures for over ten years so thought it was time to re-introduce myself to people now as a coach and mum! When working online all day, it’s nice for people to connect and hopefully they’ll see from my images that I am experienced, strong, healthy and practice what I preach. I also wanted to convey my sincerity in being a genuinely caring person. 

I intend to use my pictures on all social platforms but also for blogs, podcast images and presentations - I’ve been asked to do more of those recently. 

Are you a “reluctant subject” or are you okay/indifferent to having your picture taken?

These days I avoid having my picture taken socially.  I approached the shoot like any other challenging task I have to do, thinking “Kristy, you have a job to do, just get it done, you know what to do.”  When it came time to relax and smile, I froze and my posture and composure temporarily went out the window! 

Yeah, having our photo taken can be really weird, especially when it doesn’t happen that often (because you’re actively avoiding it…).

What did you enjoy about our session?

I liked having a ‘coach’.  I’m always in charge and advising people and when I needed help with gentle reminders, you were there to get me through the nuances of facial expression, posture, angles, reminding me of the importance of breath to help relax - something I teach my clients daily but I’d forgotten to do myself. 

I enjoyed the casual, relaxed but professional atmosphere, the constant reassurance, the 80’s music into hip hop and the warm hug on arrival like ‘everything will be ok’ (including the slightly over the top shimmery eyes I arrived with) - ‘we’ve got this!’ 

Somehow unexpectedly, the session taught me a few things that I’d like to work on myself personally and self development is really important if you want to help others. 

I am of the opinion that a portrait shoot is a 'development experience', akin to physical training or a life coaching session or therapy, even! "How we do anything is how we do everything" and all that. I'm so glad the session sparked some Aha moments and I love how life keeps providing us with grist for the mill, especially when we coach or facilitate for a living!