I'm an artist.

Always have been. Creativity is my modus operandi and I'm drawn to express it in many ways.

I guess I'm "multidisciplinary with a focus on drawing, painting, performance, and photographic process" (who also wants to be a printmaker and a sculptor) hahaaaa. The juggle is real!

What ties it all together is a very simple love of character and drama (not surprising as an actor).

You can see the fruits of my multidisciplinary practice at my main website www.amandabilling.co.nz.

I sell apparel and original artwork and write occasionally about what it's like to work - to thrive - as an artist.

I also have a Patreon - another project, launched on the 1st of July 2023. I'll do it for a year and see what happens.

My studio is where it all happens but I can also come to you.

It's relaxed so you can be too. Let's hang.


100 days


In 2016, I picked up a camera to complete a 100 day project focused solely on photographing humans. I called it #intomeandsee. What began as a project to kickstart creativity through connection is now my job.


Fact 1

Even though I have lived in Auckland for twenty years, I always say I'm from Masterton.


Fact 2

I took my first intomeandsee-style pics in 1988 with a disposable film camera on my last day of intermediate school. I wanted to remember my teachers. It was a grey day. The pics were all very dark.

I got discouraged.

Yet here I am.


Fact 3

I'm an actor.

I have been working consistently on telly and on stage since 2003.

I know stuff about connection and authenticity.

My comic timing isn't bad either - have you seen KID SISTER?

Watch it here.


Fact 4

I'm a visual artist. I draw and paint from the figure and love discovering new things about colour.

You can see my work here.

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Level 2, 65 Great North Road, Grey Lynn in Auckland, New Zealand