I'm an artist. Always have been.

*taken with an old iPhone

I'm an actor, a painter, a photographer.

Everything I do is about harnessing, distilling, expanding, relating something about the human experience.

Capturing the essence of a person's beauty and intelligence isn't complex or difficult.

It's actually really easy. Keep the elements simple (a camera and a window) then all we have to do is follow the path of playfulness and invention, together. And with over twenty years of acting experience across theatre and fast turnaround television, I know the way.

At this point in time, we all need images which reach out from a screen and grab the attention of people who need us. I don't believe striking photography needs a million lights (or lights at all) and it certainly shouldn't make you feel weird, unnatural, cheesy or fake.

I believe the most powerful images a thought-leader or creative can have are those which capture your humanity. The most effective photos in your portfolio will broadcast, clear as a bell, your unique experience of life, your perspective, your mind.

Images which speak for you until you can turn up, in person.

I believe it takes an artist to draw out and capture truth and an artist with a camera is a very powerful thing.


Not Just Headshots

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Fact 1

Even though I have lived in Auckland for twenty years, I always say I'm from Masterton.


Fact 2

I'm a visual artist.

I draw and paint the figure while exploring colour, composition, and movement.

I have a Stockroom on my "other" website here.

I'm represented online by Artfull.co.nz.


Fact 3

I acted on NZ's iconic soap opera Shortland Street for ten whole years.

Possibly my favourite role ever though is Keren Emanuel in Kid Sister, a snappy, irreverent, heart-felt comedy.

Two seasons.

Ten eps.

Each 30 mins long.

Watch it here.


Level 2, 65 Great North Road, Grey Lynn in Auckland, New Zealand






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