Important things about our collaboration:

This information is included in your invoice when you book but do consider these terms carefully.

Payment ensures you are in complete agreement with them.


As copyright law stands in New Zealand regarding photography, the "commissioning agent" (ie you) retains full copyright once an invoice is issued, unless explicitly stated and agreed to ahead of time.

I want to ensure that I can publish my photographic work online and in print unimpeded and so I state from the outset that if you work with me, you agree to co-own our images. This is negotiable but must be discussed. If images are subject to time- and market-sensitive conditions I will naturally not publish things until you do. And if there are any personal images we create that you expressly DO NOT want in the public domain I will respect that 100%.

When you pay for your photos, you agree to these terms.

This is stated on my invoice and payment guarantees our agreement.


I prefer payment in full prior to our shoot for simple headshot shoots.

Longer/more complex shoots require a $200 deposit.

Payment plans are available in certain circumstances (minimum 50% before the shoot and the remainder upon receipt of edited photographs). If this will help you, please don't hesitate to ask about it.


If you have to postpone or cancel:

Refunds work as follows and apply to the entire day of the shoot, not just the time of your session. 

More than 72 hours notice = full refund.

72-24 hours notice = 50% refund.

Less than 24 hours notice = no refund.

These are the laid out in the NZIPP standard contract (2019) and reflect that the less notice you give me, the less time I have to fill your vacancy, if I'm able to at all.

If I have to postpone or cancel:

Cancellations will only happen in extraordinary circumstances. Postponements will generally happen because of (1) weather conditions, (3) lockdowns (please no!) or (2) acting work commitments I cannot change (artist life!).

(1) WEATHER CONDITIONS: Because currently, I shoot in NATURAL LIGHT, if the weather is terrible and light is low, I may ask to postpone our shoot. If an extreme weather event results in Auckland Emergency Services and we are asked to stay home, our shoot will be postponed;

(2) ILLNESS: hopefully we are out of the Covid woods, but if another outbreak/force majeure means we all have to shelter in place or if you or I come down with something, I can arrange a postponement date; if it's me who's sick, you may receive a full refund if you wish;

(3) MY WORK COMMITMENTS: the life of an actor means that sometimes jobs can happen at the last minute. I will always establish Not Available days with the production company if our photoshoot has been booked however if I am required for work, I will have to cancel or postpone.

In the event that I ask to postpone or have to cancel because of acting commitments: I will make a date as soon as possible to re-book your session. If the new timing doesn't work for you, you can elect to receive either a full refund or can make an appointment at a time that suits.


All images are in a digital form. I do not sell physical prints.

Selected edited photos will be uploaded to an Album in my Client Gallery and remain online for TWO WEEKS only.

Water-marking: I reserve the right to water-mark all photos during the selection process.

Selected, edited photographs will have this removed.

Please do not use - in any way - proof sheet images that you have not selected for editing/purchase (ie no screenshots).

Photos will be in your Album/Gallery for TWO WEEKS ONLY. Please download them as soon as you can and keep them somewhere safe, either on an external hard drive or in the Cloud. I am not required by licensing law to keep your photographs HOWEVER I keep all photos for one year. After that there is no guarantee that I can provide them to you if you lose them. 

I export all photographs as their maximum size as high quality jpegs. The Pixieset web gallery gives you the option to download your selects at web size - I recommend this highly because full size images are large, usually over 10MB each.

I can provide TIFF files if needed.


My preference is to capture you as you are and to edit only in order to bring out the things I find beautiful about you. I do not retouch in Photoshop and therefore don't provide "airbrushed" images. I use Lightroom and can fix small things like zits, as well as soften skin texture. 

I aim to use flattering light but if you're prone to under-eye shadows, please use make up, enlist the help of a make-up artist (I can recommend some), get a good night's sleep, and/or budget for a little retouching by a professional retoucher (I can refer you to someone who works at a reasonable cost per photo). 


I appreciate your consent to be included in my website’s portfolio, on my social media, and in marketing materials (including Facebook/Instagram advertising). At any time you may withdraw this permission. Please do so by emailing hello@amandabilling.co.nz.


I appreciate ALL image credits, everywhere. If you can tag and mention me on social media, I will be a VERY happy photographer.

And please pass on "Amanda Billing" to any PR, marketing, or media agents you engage where my photography will be published. AI didn't make your photo, an artist did and artists really appreciate acknowledgement.