What should I/we wear?

HEADSHOTS: Keep it simple so anyone looking at your pics isn't distracted by what you're wearing.
Think casual but tidy. Bring one "formal" thing. Nothing too glam, floral, or costume-y. Keep make-up fairly minimal. Bring clips etc if you want to change your hair.
If in doubt, bring everything and we will whittle it down to 3-4 options.

FAMILIES: keep it casual. Wear what you feel MOST COMFY in. Bring changes if you like.
You might like to coordinate (jeans and variations on the same coloured top). There are no rules though!
What's important is that you feel relaxed and not like you have to suck your tummy in.
I always suggest wearing what you'd wear out for lunch on a Sunday.

Who owns the photographs?

We both do. As the "commissioning agent" and in accordance with NZ Copyright law, you own the photos. In addition, part of the terms you agree to when you pay an invoice from me states that I co-own the images WITH YOU.

What happens if I can't attend on the day?

It depends on how much notice you can give me. More than 72 hours notice = full refund. 72-24 hours notice = 50% refund. Less than 24 hours notice = no refund. These are the laid out in the NZIPP standard contract (2019).

I hate having my photo taken. Help!

I got you! I photograph people a lot and am good at helping you relax and enjoy yourself. You will have fun, I promise.